Conservation And Conscience On Gulf Coast Farms – Louisiana Eats – It’s New Orleans

On this week s episode of Louisiana Eats , we visit two Gulf Coast farms where, through collaboration and innovation, farmers are creating better products that will help preserve the environment and give back to the community. We begin in Washington Parish at Stoney Point Farm, where farmer Tim Roper is collaborating with Dan Ballister of Smoke Hall Foods to create a new product, the General s Hot Sauce. We learn about the new company s mission to create profits for organizations that support troops, veterans, and their families; and get a glimpse at Stoney Point s greenhouse where Tim has been cultivating a variety of different peppers. Then, we take a trip to BrickWall Farms in Pass Christian, Mississippi, where innovative young farmer Brian Bricker is growing all sorts of lettuces using hydroponics a system that gives plants their nutrients without using soil. Will also visit pepper farmer Tony Accardo at the Crescent City Farmers Market, and speak with award winning nature writer Gary Nabhan about the connection between hot peppers and climate change. We ve got one spicy show, on this week s Louisiana Eats Stuffed Bell PeppersServes 6 1