Mindfulness and Medicine – Louisiana Eats – It’s New Orleans

This week, we learn the health benefits of paying closer attention to what we consume and our emotional well being. We begin with Dr. Ronald D. Siegel, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School. A long time student of mindfulness meditation, he explains the psychology of happiness, and why humans use food and drink as a pathway to achieve it. Dr. John J. Hutchings is a doctor of both psychiatry and gastroenterology in the New Orleans area. He shares his unique perspective on the connection between digestive health and mental health.Then, we speak with a group of “spice health heroes” who are working to combat health problems by harnessing the power of spices Dr. Geeta Maker Clark, Dr. Linda Shiue, and author Natasha MacAller. Finally, if you ve driven around New Orleans lately, you may have spotted a mobile clinic called The Remedy Room, which specializes in administering infusion therapy to aid in rehydration and detoxification. Founder Dr. Mignonne Mary explains that there s more to what they do than help people recover after a long night out.For more of all things Louisiana Eats, be sure to visit us at PoppyTooker.com.