Quick Bites: Chasing The Gator With Isaac Toups – Louisiana Eats – It’s New Orleans

Chasing the Gator With Isaac Toups Chef Isaac Toups has long been a favorite guest on Louisiana Eats In past episodes we ve talked hunting rabbits and even had a front row seat on Isaac s rendition of the Cajun Night Before Christmas Isaac has just published his first book, aptly entitled “Chasing the Gator.” In it he pulls back the curtain on the decidedly Louisiana style “new Cajun cooking that he serves at both Toups Meatery and Toups South. In this Quick Bites podcast, host Poppy Tooker sits down with Top Chef fan favorite, Isaac Toups to discuss his personal culinary evolution. Then, Isaac and Poppy step out into the side yard of the Southern Food and Beverage Museum to play something Isaac calls “Cajun Games” a topic he explores thoroughly in his cookbook. Suffice it to say shiny, sharp instruments are involved Finally, everyone goes into the kitchen at Toups South to learn how to fry cracklins from the master. You ll want to chase the gator yourself after listening to Quick Bites of Louisiana Eats