Porch Wine and Gravy

Hosted ByJolie Meaux

Porch, Wine and Gravy explores the foodways of Louisiana and the South, beyond the stereotypes and tropes. Host Jolie Meaux talks to chefs, farmers, home-cooks, and the many, varied contributors to the cuisine of this region who make it so special.

Pho and Fat Babies – Porch, Wine and Gravy – It’s Acadiana

Jolie Meaux talks with Kiet Kat, a food photographer, and writer from Acadiana but currently living in Baton Rouge. He talks about growing up in Lafayette, school lunches as a kid, the family restaurants and who makes the best pho of course it s Mom. Also, Jolie with share her Bahn Mi recipe. The Bahn Mi Meaux is Jolie s take on the Vietnamese sandwich. Finally, Jolie explains her special link between her daughters and the New Orleans restaurant, Pho Tau Bay. You can find Jolie s Bahn Mi Meaux recipe here Check Kiet Kat out on Instagram here Visit Pho Tau Bay online here