Louisiana Eats Life Changes – Louisiana Eats – It’s New Orleans

It s really true what they say You are what you eat and drink On this week s show, we call in the experts to learn about the effects of our eating and drinking habits on the human mind, body and spirit. To begin, we speak with our resident health and food policy expert, senior editor for The Atlantic, Corby Kummer. Corby s recent investigative reporting reveals that eating healthy fat while eliminating sugar and simple carbs could be a long term solution to the never ending debate about nutrition and weight control. If you ve driven around New Orleans lately, you may have spotted a mobile clinic called The Remedy Room, which specializes in administering infusion therapy to aid in rehydration and detoxification. Founder Dr. Mignonne Mary explains that there s more to what they do than help people recover after a long night out. We then turn to our old friend, bread or rather, an authority on bread. Brigid Meints, PhD student at Washington State University, tells us about the University s Bread Lab, which seeks to get back to the old ways of stone milling and baking bread as an antidote to the nutritionally empty bread found on grocery store shelves. We also get a visit from Eat Fit NOLA dietician Molly Kimball, who stopped by our studio back in February to share her challenge to give up alcohol for the 40 days of Lent. Now that Easter has come and gone, Molly is back to share her results. Finally, we learn about a healthy living program created by Belvedere Vodka s Claire Smith Warner. She describes a philosophy she calls “Drink, Eat, Live.” We re blinding you with science on this week s Louisiana Eats