If you’re like most people, you found out very early on, probably in pre-school, that things go a lot better when people like you. Nothing much has changed since you were 4.  From the factory floor, to the boardroom, to the halls of regulatory government, to million-dollar marketing campaigns, being successful in commerce is very often nothing more than trying to figure out how to win the business popularity contest.

For this reason, when your business comes into contact in any way with local, State, or Federal government, working with specialist consultants becomes less of an option and more of a necessity. In Acadiana, one of the leading governmental affairs consultants is The Picard Group.

cheerleading your business popularity in government, Ytro Picard

Tyron Picard

The Picard Group has offices in Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and Washington DC. The company’s Principal is Tyron Picard.

To Win the Business Popularity Contest, it Helps if You’re Looking Good

In discussions of business strategy you often hear the advice that to grow you have to stop working in your company and start working on your company. Part of that task is to come up with a strategy for presenting your company to the world. Otherwise known as marketing.

When you start thinking about marketing, you’ve got a million questions to answer about how you want your company to look to clients or customers. You need to decide everything from the color of your logo to the attitude you want to present on social media. You can answer these questions yourself as they come up.  Or you can turn to expert consultants to craft an overall strategy for you. That’s the specialist mission of a company called Healthy Image.

Barbara van Gossen reates your healthy image

Barbara Van Gossen

Healthy Image is in Lake Charles, but their work is spread far and wide. Healthy Image’s Creative Director is Barbara VanGossen.

Although this show is called Out to Lunch Acadiana, the insights in this conversation about business, and business’s relationship to government, go beyond the bayou and well beyond the Louisiana border.

working on your popularity, Peter Ricchiuti, Barbara vanGossen, Tyron Picard

Peter Ricchiuti, Barbara vanGossen, Tyron Picard

Photos by Gwen Aucoin.

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