Out To Lunch

What Goes Around Comes Back Around

Don’t believe what they tell you. Life has a second act. In fact, some lives have three acts. Or four or five or maybe nine if you’re a serial entrepreneur. The heart of business is creativity: the desire to make something new. The twist is that you want to make money on it. But for some…

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Oui Amis

With the arrival of Amis Grocery the long-stated goal of “revitalizing downtown” now has its integral grocery store to reassure developers and feed residents

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Accelerate Northside

In the mid-20th century, neighborhoods on Lafayette’s northside looked a lot like neighborhoods communities are trying to build now. In places like McComb, Veazey and Fightinville, families could live, work and play on their blocks. The communities were stitched together by schools, churches — and businesses. Entrepreneurship was a big part of the fabric of the community: the…

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