How Three Foodies Stay At The Top Of Their Field – Louisiana Eats – It’s New Orleans

For the past twenty years Dana Cowin has been Food and Wine s editor in chief, but has keep a secret from her readers. Despite being surrounded by food nearly every single day, she never learned how to cook. But with the help of her friends, many of them famous celebrity chefs, Dana has mastered her mistakes in the kitchen and learned some invaluable life skills along the way. We re also joined by Tony Abu Ganim, one of the world s leading mixologists. He s seen the profession go from being a secondary job to a respected career during his 30 years behind the bar and joins us to talk about the hardships he s encountered along that journey. And for a set of bakers with roughly five years of experience on their hands, the crew at Bellegarde Bakery is making quite a name for themselves. We ll join Graison Gill and Brett Guadagnino at their Broadmoor bakery for an early morning baking session. Plus Ian McNulty and Chris Jay both join us for reports from the road.