Tasting The World – Louisiana Eats – It’s New Orleans

On this week s show, we voyage around the world in search of extraordinary and diasporic flavors. First, author and food activist Bryant Terry discusses the inspiration behind his book, Afro Vegan. Bryant draws from the diverse flavors of the African Diaspora, interpreting them in new and healthy ways. Next, we meet food columnist Kim Sun e, an adoptee who was born in South Korea. We hear about her memoir, A Mouthful of Stars, which explores the intersections between food, memory, and poetic expression. Then, we head from south to north to the Land of the Midnight Sun and explore Nordic culinary traditions with Chef Magnus Nilsson. Artful and unusual recipes have emerged from this far flung region many of which inform Magnus s cooking at his restaurant, F viken, which is located in a remote area of Sweden. And we return stateside to learn about Chef Rick Bayless s contemporary interpretations of traditional Mexican cuisine at Frontera Restaurants in Chicago. For more of all things Louisiana Eats, be sure to visit us at PoppyTooker.com. Thanks To Our Sponsors