Porch Wine and Gravy

Hosted ByJolie Meaux

Porch, Wine and Gravy explores the foodways of Louisiana and the South, beyond the stereotypes and tropes. Host Jolie Meaux talks to chefs, farmers, home-cooks, and the many, varied contributors to the cuisine of this region who make it so special.

Episode 1 – Simon Thibault / Shrimp Rolls / Clair Burton – Porch, Wine and Gravy – It’s Acadiana

Jolie Meaux makes a phone call to Halifax, Nova Scotia to talk with Acadian cook book author, Simon Thibault. They discuss the commonalities and differences between Acadians and Cajuns as well as Lobster Rolls. Jolie shares her take on the Acadian Lobster Roll Shrimp Roll. Finally, Jolie sits down with Clair Burton, Sous chef at Lafayette, LA s Social Souther Table and Bar. Recipes on this show can be found at www.porchwineandgravy.com