It’s Acadiana: Out To Lunch

Hosted by: Christiaan Mader
OUT TO LUNCH finds Editor of nonprofit news outlet The Current, Christiaan Mader, conducting business Acadiana style: over lunch. Each week Christiaan invites guests from Acadiana’s business community to join him. Beyond the foundations of the Acadiana economy – oil, cuisine, music – there is a vast network of entrepreneurs, small businesses, and even some of the country’s largest companies who call Acadiana home. Out to Lunch is the cafeteria of the wider Acadiana business community. You can also hear the show on KRVS 88.7FM.


Latest Episodes

Writers Are Hustlers

Writers are hustlers. When you get paid cents per word, you’ve got to write a lot of words to make ends meet. And that’s getting harder to do in...

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Musical Families

In Acadiana, business is a tradition and tradition is a business – often the family business. There’s a long heritage of musical families around here, dynasties of fiddlers and...

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Acadiana’s Wide World of Sports

There can be a lot of pressure to take on the family business, especially when the family name becomes synonymous with the industry they work in. Imagine what it...

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