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OUT TO LUNCH finds journalist Christiaan Mader conducting business Acadiana style: over lunch. Each week Christiaan invites guests from Acadiana's business community to join him. Beyond the foundations of the Acadiana economy - oil, cuisine, music - there is a vast network of entrepreneurs, small businesses, and even some of the country's largest companies who call Acadiana home. Out to Lunch is the cafeteria of the wider Acadiana business community. You can also hear the show on KRVS 88.7FM.

Acadian Triangle – Out to Lunch – It’s Acadiana

One of the traditional instruments in Cajun music is the triangle. Although it couldn’t be much more basic, its simple presence forms the foundation of many songs.

There’s another kind of fundamental triangle that distinguishes and connects three sides of Acadiana – rural life, city life, and Cajun culture. This edition of Out to Lunch today’s show looks at businesses dedicated to maintaining each of these 3 key elements, and keeping them in balance.

The Bayou Vermilion District is committed to the preservation and enhancement of natural and cultural resources for residents of Lafayette Parish. The BVD provides boat, canoe, and kayak launches along the river, and maintains public parks. They also have a Living History Museum. A folklife park. And a restaurant. They have over 50,000 visitors a year.

david cheramie

David Cheramie is CEO of the Bayou Vermilion District. 

Cities across the country – in part inspired by New York City’s Central Park – have realized the importance of preserving greenspace for recreation and as a home for cultural events. Here in Lafayette, in 2012 a company called Lafayette Central Park Inc leased The Horse Farm – 100 acres of green space on Johnston Street – from the city and is in the process of converting what was once a playground for horses, into a playground for people.

E.B. Brooks

The company’s newly appointed Executive Director is E.B. Brooks. 

Brandon Broussard

Brandon Broussard epitomizes all three sides of the Acadian triangle: Brandon is a teacher at Acadiana High School, teaching traditional and modern skills of meat processing and agriculture, as well as an entrepreneur with a small business – teaching Cajun dancing

This conversation is the heart of 21st Century Acadiana: a conscious mix of culture, forward looking urbanism, environmentalism, and dancing!

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