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OUT TO LUNCH finds journalist Christiaan Mader conducting business Acadiana style: over lunch. Each week Christiaan invites guests from Acadiana's business community to join him. Beyond the foundations of the Acadiana economy - oil, cuisine, music - there is a vast network of entrepreneurs, small businesses, and even some of the country's largest companies who call Acadiana home. Out to Lunch is the cafeteria of the wider Acadiana business community. You can also hear the show on KRVS 88.7FM.

Big Dog Doctors – Out to Lunch – It’s Acadiana

Cherry Fisher May, publisher of ABiz, sits in for Peter on this show to talk about healthcare. And dogs.

Cherry Fisher May, Kip Schumacher

If it seems like the conversation about healthcare in the United States is never ending, between the ever-changing policies of your personal health insurance, and the government level debate over the Affordable Care Act, one thing is for sure about Acadiana healthcare: nothing is going to change in the next 30 minutes. That’s because Cherry has representatives of two of the biggest and most influential healthcare providers sitting around the lunch table with her.

Kip Schumacher

Kip Schumacher’s real name is William, but everybody calls him Kip. He’s a medical doctor but he’s also the founder and Executive Chairman of the Schumacher Group – one of the largest emergency medicine and hospital groups in the nation. The Schumacher Group treats more than 4 million patients a year. In 2015 Abiz named them Acadiana’s biggest private company, with revenues of $675m.   

Lafayette General Health System is Acadiana’s largest non-profit, community-owned regional health system. They have over 3,000 employees in hospitals and clinics throughout South Central Louisiana and as of the 4th quarter of 2015 a new alignment will see their revenues exceed a billion dollars.

Cian Robinson

The Executive Director of the Lafayette General Health System’s community revenue arm, Lafayette General Foundation, is Cian Robinson. 

Leslie Mann Sandlin

Cherry’s Entrepreneur du Jour is Leslie Mann Sandlin, co-creator of Swamp Dogs of Louisiana. Swamp Dogs of Louisiana is Acadiana fashion for dogs. Not Halloween costumes or embarrassing Princess dresses – Swamp Dog makes rugged alligator and cow leather collars with a local Acadian fashion flair. know Swamp Dogs of Louisiana seems like a small business compared to Kip and Cian’s big enterprises, but at the end of the day what makes you feel better than a dog?

leslie mann sandlin, cian robinson, grant morris, cherry fisher may, kip schumacher


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Photos at Cafe Vermilionville by Gwendolyn Aucoin.