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OUT TO LUNCH finds journalist Christiaan Mader conducting business Acadiana style: over lunch. Each week Christiaan invites guests from Acadiana's business community to join him. Beyond the foundations of the Acadiana economy - oil, cuisine, music - there is a vast network of entrepreneurs, small businesses, and even some of the country's largest companies who call Acadiana home. Out to Lunch is the cafeteria of the wider Acadiana business community. You can also hear the show on KRVS 88.7FM.

Sounds Good – Out to Lunch – It’s Acadiana

We all reach conclusions because of sound. We say a person “sounds nice.” A song “sounds romantic.” Or an idea “sounds good.” When we reach these conclusions, what we’re doing is attributing feelings and emotions to sounds.

Giving sounds feeling and emotion is the province of Peter’s guests on this edition of Out to Lunch.

Jason Harrington

Jason Harrington designs and builds hand-crafted amplifiers for music and voice.

Jason’s company, Lullaby Sound Design, marries modern acoustic science and old fashioned vacuum tube technology to create unique, high-end sound equipment that’s custom-built for musicians. Jason’s business is right here in Lafayette. 

Larry G Miller

Larry G. Miller – who everybody calls Larry G – also creates wooden boxes that make sounds. Cajun accordions. Larry G’s been making accordions under the name Bon Tee for 37 years. He’s built and sold over 1,200 accordions.

Larry G is also one of very few people who can make traditional triangles for Cajun music, out of the tines of pitchforks, and among his many other accomplishments, Larry G is one of the founders of the C.F.M.A. – the Cajun French Music Association. 

peter ricchiuti, jason harrington, larry g miller

In an Out to Lunch first, Larry G fires up an accordion he just finished making 60 minutes ago, Jason pulls out a guitar, and it’s fais do do at lunchtime!

peter ricchiuti, jason harrington, larry g miller

Photos at Social by Gwen Aucoin.

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