Tele-Health Today – Healthcare Anywhere in Acadiana

If you don’t have hours to spare in a doctor’s waiting room, or you live in a remote spot of Acadiana, you’re going to love the advent of Tele-Health today. You can now get first-class healthcare anywhere in Acadiana.

We’re getting a lot of what we need from the internet these days. You can pick up your iPhone, unlock it with your face, and get a month’s supply of dog food delivered in two days. That’s convenience.

E-shopping is nothing new, even as it’s gotten faster and offered more stuff. But over the last decade, better and faster broadband has made it possible to network services that aren’t just about making it easier to be lazy.

And that’s well on display in the healthcare industry, where advances in telemedicine are tackling serious quality of life issues with fantastic results.

Tele-Health changes Healthcare to Healthcare Anywhere

Over miles of fiber optic cable hospitals now come to you. Telemedicine programs bring doctors, nurses and  counselors where the patients are — at work, at school or even miles from the nearest hospital, in areas where geography is a big hurdle in getting good health care.

Chistiaan Mader’s lunch guests on this edition of Out to Lunch both work extensively in telemedicine, advocating and advancing its benefits to the work place and to community health in general.

tele-medicine pioneer turned attorney, Nadia de la Houssaye

Nadia de la Houssaye

Attorney Nadia de la Houssaye, launched one of Louisiana’s first teleradiology networks, with her husband, a radiologist, more than 20 years ago. Nadia served as the company’s general counsel. Today, Nadia is a partner at law firm Jones Walker where she’s also the head of Telehealth.

It All Started At Stuller

Lafayette General Health is one of the major players locally in telemedicine. The system introduced a telemedicine clinic on site at jewelry manufacturer Stuller in 2012, offering on-the-job healthcare access to the jewelry maker’s 1,200 employees. Lafayette General’s program has since grown to serve public school systems and Lafayette Consolidated Government, where it provides care for more than 2,200 government workers.

In Acadiana healthcare innovation all roads lead to Lafayette General's Cian Robinson

Cian Robinson

Cian Robinson has been one of the big reasons for Lafayette General’s wins in that space. Cian ran the Lafayette General Foundation for several years and now serves as the health systems’ executive director for innovation, research and real estate investments.

Out to Lunch is recorded live over lunch at Chopsticks restaurant in Lafayette.

Nadia de la Houssaye, Christiaan Mader, Cian Robinson at Chopsticks in Lafayette

Nadia de la Houssaye, Christiaan Mader, Cian Robinson

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