When you have a business, you usually have some sort of a business plan. Even if you don’t run endless spreadsheets, you have goals, and an idea of how things will look if everything goes right. And, though you might be a bit more reluctant to think about it, you generally have an idea of what things might look like if you hit a lean period.

But, no matter how carefully you plan for every eventuality, for our two guests on Out to Lunch today there was nothing in the playbook to turn to when events conspired against them in the first Quarter of 2020.

When we first talked to these guys about appearing on Out to Lunch, we had a very different show planned. They both had their own very different shows planned too.

Scott Feehan is Executive Director of Festival International. If you live in Acadiana, you’re already wincing in sympathy. And wondering, “What’s going to happen to Festival in 2021?”

If you don’t know anything about Festival International, it’s a gigantic, sprawling and fabulous, free, street festival that takes place in downtown Lafayette every year in April. It’s the biggest international music and arts festival in the U.S.

The Other Show

Are you wondering what could be equally as difficult as being responsible for staging an outdoor street festival during a global pandemic? How about running a theater company? That’s what Steven Landry does.

Steven is Managing Artistic Director of Acadiana Repertory Theater. Acadiana Repertory Theater, or ART, is one a of a rare breed of theater companies that specializes in premiering new plays. If you’re one of the 73,000 playwrights on planet earth, it’s tough getting your work performed on any stage, anywhere. That’s why ART gets to select their annual season of 3 or 4 shows from over 1,400 submissions.

Photos by Jill Lafleur. Check out Scott’s appearance on Out to Lunch in happier days for Festival, and all of us. But, hey good times are around the corner, the show must go on, and somehow we’ll be live in 2021!

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