Just because we’re 1,800 miles away from the other L.A., doesn’t mean you can’t have a career in Hollywood.

State tax incentives have lured productions to Louisiana over the last decade or so. And that’s given a lot of local talent an opportunity to work in the industry without making the leap of faith in Los Angeles.

You’ve probably heard of some big budget films and TV shows shot in Louisiana. Maybe you’ve had a Morgan Freeman sighting and then there was Blackham Coliseum’s cameo in the Secretariat biopic.

Hollywood’s venture eastward has given expat talent a reason to come home — without giving up their day jobs. You might know Christiaan’s guest from appearances in True Detective, Cedric the Entertainer and My Amazing Cheap Date New Orleans.

Acadiana's own Amy Brassette lives here and has a career in Hollywood

Acadiana’s own Amy Brassette lives here and has a career in Hollywood

Amy Brassette is an actor and producer born and raised in Lake Charles. She specializes in voice acting and is known for disappearing into characters. She does a lot of voice-over work, and you’ve heard her characters on the Simpsons, Duck Dodgers and the computer game Everquest.

Movie magic is one thing. How about something more up close and personal?

Stand-up comedy is a tough game to crack into, so it helps to have a solid hook — like a Jedi mind trick.

Lafayette's Flip Orley is billed as America's premiere comic hypnotist

Lafayette’s Flip Orley is billed as America’s premiere comic hypnotist

Flip Orley is a comic and a hypnotist. Flip got interested in hypnotism at an early age, later honing his techniques with some psychology courses at the University of Arizona.

Since then, he’s made a career billing himself as America’s premier comic hypnotist. He also develops audio downloads for the clinical applications of hypnotism: you can get tapes of Flip coaching you through stress management, weight control and working on your poker game.

Flip tours nationally but lives right here in Lafayette.

Flip 'n Amy Out to Lunch at Tula Tacos

Flip ‘n Amy Out to Lunch at Tula Tacos

Out to Lunch Acadiana is recorded live over lunch at Tula Tacos and Amigos in downtown Lafayette. You can find photos from this on itsacadiana.com. And check out Flip Orley’s previous appearance on Out to Lunch with equally wisecracking Johnny Blancher from Rock’n’Bowl.

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